It is a flexible control cable with PVC insulation and sheath, numbered cores, tinned copper braid screen, oil resistant. It is used indoors in dry or humid places, in environments where there is no mechanical stress. Thanks to its flexible structures, it is used in mobile facilities and narrow space applications. It is used for measurement and control purposes in electronic control systems, production and assembly lines, engineering projects.

NYSLYCYÖ-OZ: cores black and white number coded
NYSLYCYÖ-JZ: earth protection core (yellow/green), black core white number coded


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temperature range fixed: -30 °C… +70 °C
moving: 0 °C… +50 °C
Bending radius min. fixed min. : 7.5 x D
moving min. : 15 x D
oil resistance EN 60811-404
Conductor resistance 0.50 mm2 max. 39.0 Ω/km
0.75 mm2 max. 26.0 Ω/km
1.0 mm2 max. 19.5 Ω/km
1.5 mm2 max. 13.3 Ω/km
2.5 mm2 max. 7.98Ω/km
Insulation resistance min. 20MΩx km
Test voltage 2500V
Operating voltage max. 300/500V
standards EN 50525-2-51
fire performance Vertical flame spread EN 60332-1-2
EU declaration of conformity LVD  Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU 

RoHS Restriction of Use  of Certain Hazardous Substances